Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Renewal

At last Spring has arrived to the San Juan Islands. All sorts of signs that spring has sprung are beginning to become evident. The yellow hues of daffodils are starting to bloom, The birds are gathering their twigs for their nests, and some sunshine has finally arrived after a week of gloomy weather.
I was thrilled the other day while traveling on the ferry when I noticed a few Harbor Porpoise in near Rosario Straight. I feel so much gratitude to be able to see such incredible wildlife right in my own back yard. Spring time is a time when everything seems to change for the better. New opportunities start to arrive along with all the new growth. Eagles are returning to their nests and preparing for their new arrivals. Spring has always been my favorite season, however in the case of a Temperate Pacific Northwest Ecosystem, Spring can mean Rain, and even extended winter. As in the case of today.. cold, Windy and Chilly with Rain, and even snowfall apparently this morning.

Now I can only look forward to more sunshine, and flowers blooming. Spring to me is not only a time of flowers blossoming, yet the blossoming of new opportunities and positive changes in our life. Spring Cleaning, brings renewal of our mental, physical and spiritual well being.

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