Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Angels of Cook Inlet

I call them the Mysteries of the Sea.. Sea Canaries, because of their Chirping voices, Yet their official name is Beluga Whale... Russian for White Whale. These gracious animals are whales of the far north. In Canada, the Arctic Variety inhabit rivers near Montreal Canada and their population is more stable than their smaller cousin, the Cook Inlet Beluga Whale who inhabit the Coastal Inlet waters outside of Anchorage, Alaska.. Once hunted by Native Peoples for their meat as well as their oil, Sustenance hunting was halted. At one time their population numbered in the thousands, today they are just slightly over 300. Back in 2007, NOAA issued a petition to get votes to place the imperiled Cook Inlet Beluga on the Endangered List. They received over 150,000 votes which was enough to have them placed on the list. Unfortunately the state overturned the vote, and the Belugas lost. Several months ago after intense effort and a lawsuit issued by several Environmental groups, The Belugas finally won what they rightfully deserved, and placed on the ESA. Then back in January Governor Sarah Palin, threaten to counter sue. Her idea to do oil and gas exploration in the Cook Inlet... Following no advice of the sound science and studies by experts, once again she attempted to side with the special interest groups and attempt to do great harm to an Endangered Species. I found this beautiful video which is breathtaking of these amazing beings. I hope and pray that humans step away from their arrogance in attempting to completely destroy this planet and begin to have some real sense.

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