Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gallie-Laggin at Naches Peak

The Day began in Misty fog. As we cruised along Stevens Canyon Road in route to Naches Peak. With hopes of clearing, we were excited once we passed Ohanapacosh and saw the golden huges of the Sun shining.

Arriving at our destination, Naches Peak is a loop that begins on the Pacific Crest trail outside of the Parks boundaries. It loops around a Craggy Peak gradually ascending through meadows and past Alpine Lakes. The slow ascent follows a ridge, which still contains wildflowers and grants you views and vistas all around. the first mile or so is on the Pacific Crest Trail and eventually leads you towards a side trail to Dewey Lake. We took our sweet time and enjoyed the Gallie lagging along the way. Despite our hopes of a quiet monday hike, Crowds of humans still were around us. such is the life of one of the more popular hikes in the park. In any case, it was awesome and one of my faves so far.

Our First spur took us to a quiet Pond of turquoise teal. We gallie-lagged, my phrase for chillin out. I waded like a Heron in the shallows of the brisk coolness of the lake for awhile, only to find a sunny spot atop a rock. After awhile we continued along the Crest of the Cascades, pausing to view the spectacular green essence of Dewey Lake below us. Soon, the Big Guy came into view (Mount Rainier) glistening Snowy white on the Sunrise side of the park. We gallie-lagged atop rocks for a quiet lunch of Peanut Butter and Jelly before we ventured off into the woods once again. As we trekked along, picking Huckleberries, gathering quite the pile in our hands.. Yum... Similar to Blueberries, yet lighter and much sweeter in taste. Few animals along this popular route, except little Blue Fairy Butterflies and my Sister flying overhead, with her Shiny Black Wings soaring above.

The Day was a quiet reflection of Beauty, Sunshine and Nature in all her glorious wonder.

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