Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Homer to Seldovia, part 2 of an Alaskan Adventure

For many Alaska is only but a dream. I have been very fortunate to have experienced in more depth and fully taking advantage of all the opportunities at hand. For me Alaska is raw beauty, from the moist wet Temperate rainforest's of the South Central and Southeast, to the more dry and vast tundra of the far north. In other words Alaska is huge, far too big to experience in a week or even two. So compared to those who only come for a week or two, I have been blessed with being able to take advantage of wonderful opportunities to experience nature, raw and rugged, steeped in myth and legend, from Ice carved glacial valleys to remote beaches and parks. Recently as mentioned in my previous post I went to Katmai National Park in Southwest Alaska where I got up close an personal with the largest Carnivore or actually Omnivore as Brown Bears feast on a variety of foods. That in in itself was a major thrill and I will hold that in my heart for a long time. The following day after the Katmai adventure I took a Boat trip over to Seldovia. Seldovia is a very well preserved Village on the peninsula down from Homer, yet only accessible by boat or plane. Charming boardwalks and colorful houses predominated the scene here in Seldovia. Well preserved from earlier times this really felt like true Alaska to me even rather quarky with amusing signs throughout town. When we docked I took part of the walking tour that follows the creek and past some beautiful gardens being maintained by a local woman who has taken care of the towns gardens for many years. I admired all the beautiful flowers that managed to thrive despite a short growing season. I noticed the strong fall scent in the air and the grasses in the wetlands were illuminating a glowing shade of gold. This far north fall comes early sometimes in August. When the fireweed goes to seed you know winter is just around the next corner. I was very blessed with sunny skies this whole trip. The day trip over to Seldovia was gorgeous and I couldn't of asked for more. If you want to experience a traditional Alaskan Fishing village Seldovia is definitely worth the trip. Still maintaining a traditional small village feel and friendly locals to boot. Upon returning back over to Homer we docked in the slip in the Homer Harbor. The Harbor sits out on the spit and I began to wonder, here is this long strip of sand spanning around six miles. Small galleries and Tourist operators line up and down the spit. What is a huge wave was to come and literally wipe it all out. It seemed so vulnerable to me yet also quite fascinating. Homer is much bigger than Seward and a completely different feel. Much more spread out and the Mountains further back with Cook Inlet as it's Seaport. Even though Seward is much more scenic I liked Homer, it seemed pretty hip for a town that boots probably some of the best fishing in the world. Well as my 2Nd day was coming to a closure I watched a beautiful sunset beginning and casting a spell of gold and orange of the wetlands. Sandpipers and other birds were busily feeding in the small ponds and I just felt a sense of deep appreciation for the relaxed beauty and raw nature that is something so near and dear to my heart and soul. Stay tuned for more in part 3.

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