Sunday, May 24, 2009

Icelandic Ponies On Orcas Island

Islands In Springtime

Bliss and Joy and Orcas Island

Another gorgeous day of Island Bliss. I am going to make this short, as my entries have been pretty long so far. Today was another amazing day of sunshine, and perfect weather. I enjoyed a delightful brunch of Huevos Rancheros at Artworks Cafe which is a shortr one mile walk from where I am House sitting. The food was yummy, yet I could definitely do without a crowded cafe. Oh yeah, I forgot it is a holiday weekend, so everyone and their brother is here. The cafe, although quaint and filled with local island artwork, is small, so when it is crowded it can feel somewhat claustrophobic. In any case it was enjoyable and I feel blessed to say I live here. I came back and with book in hand, took a catnap in the Hammock, watching all the little birds at the feeder.

I just now returned from a walk up the road visiting a neighbor, and her two wonderful Icelandic Ponies, Gandhi and Jupiter. I helped her brush them, and was in Horsey love for awhile. Icelandic Ponies are so endearing and have the sweetest faces. They were both molting their winter coats, so they looked so shiny. I love the bangs on Icelandic Ponies, it makes them look even more sweet. Anyway, twas another incredible day of Island bliss.

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