Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birds that Flock Together, Stay Together

So, why am I writing about birds? Because to me birds represent the ultimate form of freedom. The freedom that comes from within your deepest core. Birds give me a feeling, not only of beauty and grace, yet of invoking that true freedom that comes from deep down. Often times I imagine myself soaring high in the clouds, above the mundane levels of everyday life. I resonate with many of these qualities. I even migrate as birds do. Over the the last several years, after working at a Rehabilitation Center for injured Birds of Prey in Alaska, I have felt more deeply connected with their essence. A few weeks ago while walking in Westsound on Orcas Island, a mated pair of Bald Eagles flew over my head. I never tire of seeing these magnificent creatures in the the wild. For many Indigenous peoples, Eagles represent the highest religious symbol you can attain. They help us to rise above the mundane levels of life. Think about it, many people keep bird feeders in their yards, so they can learn and watch them. For me, observing Birds in the wild inspires me to let my spirit just run free. I have had many experiences with birds, both wild and captive. The bird of course that is my spirit animal is the Raven. Ravens are incredible, they are survivors as myself, they live in almost every type of ecosystem known. In the winter when many birds migrate south for food, Ravens Stick around.. I love their sense of humor and vocalizations. So today spend some time watching a bird and try to gain a sense of that inner freedom that we all crave so deeply.

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