Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward

It has been way too long since I last blogged. Over the course of the last few months I have spent quality time with my Winter family, aka Beau, Max, Millie and Sox and enjoying quiet reflection. Funny thing is I was keeping their blogs going yet ignoring my own. Anyway, we have had a very mild winter this year. Many sunny days which I am eternally grateful for and not too much rain or snow, except for the last few days. Beau and I have enjoyed many walks to the Beach and fabulous views to say the least.. unbelievable sunrises and sunsets and plenty of winged activity to observe. Lately the Bald Eagles have been really busy. with Nest activity which is close to the house, and hunting trips down to the shore where I am afraid their favorite meals have been gulls and ducks. I have really enjoyed watching them and capturing them on film. The flowers began blooming in early February which I am sure is a record breaker. There are Procus and Daffodil everywhere, and now I have been seeing some Hyacinth and various tree blossoms coming alive. The deciduous trees are coming out of their long slumber and beginning to burst new life as well. I have also taken in a couple of extra Doggie Friend clients this winter which was an added delight. Hershey, a Red Aussie came for a couple of weeks, and he and Beau became instant hiking buddies.. it was Great for Beau to have a younger friend with so much vitality to walk with... I am sure it sparked the youthful puppy hood in him again. Then we also had Mollie, a 13 year old Black Lab who I thought would bond with Max being he is a yellow lab, yet once again, she and Mr. Beau jangles became passionate buddies. It was so cute seeing them walk side by side together. Mollie has what is probably Canine Epilepsy, yet her medication seem to support it... however, she did have a cluster of seizures a few days prior to her going home. I just would massage her after administering some Aconite and Rescue Remedy... it was pretty intense and Millie the Kitty was scared at first. Anyway, it was a joy taking in some new friends and it also helped my pocketbook as well.

My other big news is that I leave on April 9th for Seward, Alaska to work for Kenai Fjords Wildlife Tours for six months. I am thrilled to return to Alaska where I lived from early 04-late 05... I can contribute my many years in the tourism industry as well as My Marine Naturalist work. I also hope to Volunteer at Sealife Center while I am there. I had the interview already and since I really want to be in an Educational Interpretive position, which they do not have right now, so I hope one comes open. I will be working the evening shift, so I will also contract the Animal Shelter to see how I can support them... after all 25 years of animal care, Wildlife Rehabilitation I want to maintain my work in that field. So it should be a busy and fulfilling summer. Now that I have my new computer I hope to blog on a regular basis as opposed to every couple of months so I will try to keep the photos coming and news.. however for now this will be all I hope everyone is well and had a reasonably mild winter. Peace and Joy to all.

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