Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Raven Inspired Gifts from Zazzle and Etsy

Raven Hallowen tee shirt from spirit of the Raven Creations at Zazzle
Raven stars and Moon mug from Spirit of the Raven Creations At Zazzle

Okay for all you Raven Lover's I have put together an ensemble of Raven gift items. Raven's have followed me around for years and I have embraced Raven as my totem animal symbol. For the Native's of the Pacific Northwest, Raven's are the creator, the trickster and also one of the major clans of the Tlingit tribe of Southeast Alaska. I am sure you will find many of these gifts delightful and full of magic and myth, perfect for people who love these magical birds.

Just for Soul Mates Mug

Raven's during the Gothic period were sadly depicted as a negative spirit, fortunately we have come along way since then. I love Raven's and hope that these gift's will touch other's who also love Ravens.

Great Fantasy art Travel mug from Spirit of the raven Creations

raven's in love Ipad Case

Romance is in the air Raven Necklace

Spirit of flight raven tee shirt

Unique White Raven Fantasy Messenger Bag

White Raven Fantasy Ladie's long sleeve tee shirt

Antique pillow

Northwest Coast Native design shirt by Selenemoon1022

Raven Moon Necklace by LittleDevilDesigns at Etsy

Raven Cabochon Ring

green felted Crow bag by Felted Fantasies At Etsy


Raven Crow Topper by Bungalow glow at Etsy


Felted Raven Moon Purse by felted fantasies

Brass Etched Raven Odin thought and Memory Earrings by TigersandDragons at Etsy

Raven Vintage Pendant by Shimmer Creek At Etsy


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