Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where she goes,she blows, back home with the Whales

Seems like a zillion years since I last posted an update. Well as the old saying goes, "Better late than Never". Since my last post many things have transpired, and I am now back in my summer home on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Once again, the whales were calling out to me so here I am at home with the Whales.
Just a quick recap for those I have been out of touch with. My winter included a wonderful road trip with a friend to Taos, New Mexico or should I say back to Taos. After spending a couple of months last fall working in Zion National Park in Southern Utah, I flew to New Mexico to check out the wide open skies and view the most majestic sunsets I have seen to date. I knew I would fall in love in love with it there, and I did, so circumstances led me there twice. After leaving Zion in late November, I spent a few weeks volunteering at a horse rescue forty mile north of Phoenix in New River, yet after witnessing some abuse by her farrier, I opted to leave as the energy was unfortunately not very healthy. I loved the horses and fell in love with Annie, A grey flea bidden Mare of 24. For the most part the animals were taken care of, yet after enlightening the owner to this unfortunate abuse, it sadly flew over her head, as she was fried on prescription drugs due to health problems. I only hope and prey that the animals stay safe, and that karma does it's magic on the abuser. Anyway, I do not want to focus on that... I am back in a magical place of deep blue Fjords, animals who dress up in black and white and snow capped peaks all around.
Kenai Fjords National Park is indeed a gem among gem's.
Flanked by the Chugach Mountains to the east where the 2nd largest National forest in the U.S. holds fame, and the Kenai Mountains to the west.
This part of Alaska is one of the largest temperate Rain Forests on the planet, thus bringing high concentrations of precipitation which of course is why it is so stunningly beautiful. With the warm currents coming from Japan which collide with the Arctic air from the north, thus creating all this precipitation and why this area has so many glacier's. In the summer with the increased light, brings increased amount of food source for all the migrating animals who return here every summer to feed and raise young. The most known of course is the North Pacific Humpback Whale . Humpbacks are the fifth largest of Baleen Whales, those who have plates in their throats that act like strainer's, gathering largest amounts of water containing yummy treats such as krill, then straining out the water and swallowing the food. Females can get up to 52 feet. They spend their winter's in Hawaii breeding and giving birth and go months without eating, so after several months without any food, they come here and pretty much just eat. Humpbacks are also known for their incredible song . So I have been fortunate many times to go out on our boats and experience these amazing beings which is truly a gift. Orcas (Killer Whales) are here year round and despite their name are really not whales, yet the largest member of the dolphin family. For me seeing Orca's is truly magical and I really cannot explain how my heart feels when I see them. Word's cannot describe this, and I feel extremely grateful to be able to go out on my day's off and be with them. Alaska host's two types, Resident's who are fish eating and transients who prey on other marine mammals. Right now in one of the coves of Kenai Fjords National park
there are King Salmon running so one of the resident orca pods known as the AD8's have been spending a great deal of time feeding.
It is promising to be a busy summer, although we have been plagued with Weather warnings... which is highly unusual for this early in the season... Meaning the Sea conditions are not cooperating so we have had to convert of few of the glacier trips into bay tours... Hopefully we will begin to see calmer day's and I plan to go out again on my next day off. Besides working for Kenai Fjord tour's, I am also working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on my friday off at the cruise ship dock so I only have one day off. I never thought of myself as a cruise person, however after you complete a season with them it entitles you to a cruise for around 20.00 a day pretty much anywhere. I have my eye on one in South America, or possibly the Panama Canal or Greece/Turkey. I can take up to three friends with me, however since it is standby it could be challenging since they often only give you a few day's notice if you made it on.. which mean's you really need to be near the port where you will embark. Anyway, something to think about.
Well I will be sure to keep all posted as much as I can.. yet not promising too much..... Meanwhile I am enjoying all the awesome wildlife, birds to boot as well, and my other favorites, Puffin's who dress up in black and white as well are here as well.
Who knows maybe at some point we will all meet up and watch Whales together... Whale hugs from Alaska.
On that note take time to enjoy the view outside and reflect

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Fantastic experience! I really envy you!( Belinha, No Boring White)